Friday, September 20, 2013

Growing Up With Dogs

Eric's family had always been addicted to animals.When he was born, they had already owned 2 dogs.When he turned one,Those dogs had babies and ended up with 7 dogs total.When he was two, they sold 5 of the puppies, and ended up with 3 dogs left.When he turned 4, the original 2 dogs died of old age and the other died from being from being hit by a car.They then had none.Eric's family felt bad for selling his puppies 2 years ago, and they were also depressed for the dogs that had passes.So, they ended up buying 9 puppies from their neighbor when he was 5.

Monday, August 19, 2013


The name is Steven Walker. Im a freshman at rod and also a student athlete. I love baseball and sports in general but baseball is my sport. Ive been playing since I was 5 and i wish to continue in High School. Looking forward to play fall ball too.I also have interests in clothes, food of course, and video editing when im bored I guess.

I have one mom and dad, one brother, and one sister. Im born in Vallejo and lived there for 4 years then my family and I ended up moving out here in Fairfield near Nelda Mundy Elementry. To be honest i dont really like school and stopped liking it when I got in middle school.I also hate math and its the subject that I lack in.It would take an amazing teacher to get me interested and so far ive only had one.I dont have a favorite subject but Id have to say that English is the subject that I do well in.

English comes natural to me especially when it comes down to essays because I brainstorm alot. I honestly think its the easiest subject because we all speak it. P.e is very easy to me because im a natural athlete. Science can be really easy if im interested,or if i have something to be motivated by. I dont have any favorite memories in math because i absolutely hate it.

I had a terrible math teacher in 7th grade named Mr.Vhoz. I never felt the same about math again.He was unorganized, terrible at explanations, and everything just seemed irrelevant. I really hate measuring shapes but sometimes its easy to me. Every since we started learning about the Pythagorean Theorem, i lost total interests in math.I feel like anything to do we geometry, i want nothing to do with it.

Im taking this class because I do believe i can pass and gain interest in this class. This course shouldn't be so hard and im no where near in doubt that it will be.I also hope to have fun in this class as well with my other classes because so far it doesn't look like i have any bad teachers. And im pretty sure i can roll with Mr. Stuckey